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What's In It For You?
It's a fast-paced world.  What game-changing opportunities in crypto are you missing?  With Watch My Wallets, our goal is to make sure nothing gets past you.  The expert leaders and dedicated members of our group keep each other informed and up-to-date so you don't act blindly with your money and so we all increase our opportunities for achieving our own financial independence and security.  

If you're serious about investing in cryptocurrencies, this advanced group can skyrocket your savvy, skill, and success with coins, tokens, exchanges, and the blockchain ecosystem, including learning how to identify, evaluate, and invest in winning cryptocurrencies like an expert.  Our experienced crypto community offers high-level expertise, engages in lively discussions, and shares findings and strategies.  

WARNING: Scammers, get-rich-quick schemes, overnight gurus, uninformed advice, and foolhardy pitches are absolutely NOT allowed.  This is a serious group focused on real research, real technology, and real results; we're not playing around.
Are You Really Ready?
In order to maintain the high-level group standards, members are required to meet our stringent qualification requirements (listed below).  Also, before joining Watch My Wallets, we prefer at least three months of participation in our Hodler Group first.
All The Good Stuff You'll Get...
 Private Members Area with exclusive access to resources, insights, trainings, discussions, bonus fun stuff, and more so you are in the loop about everything you need to know about cryptocurrency investing and what to look for in blockchain technology!
Access to our advanced Watch My Wallets Private Online Community where we share research and finding about ICOs and new developments, discuss current events and forecasted trends, and look out for each other.  In this group, you'll be first to know much exciting and exclusive information - all vetted and verified.
Live online monthly Master Class led by Accredited Cryptocurrency Investor Mark Rees delving into his personal investment strategies and thoughts about specific technologies. There's a lot going on in the crypto world and things change fast; we'll help you keep things in perspective and keep a handle on your HODL!  
Live access to cryto multi-millionaire Mark Rees' high-dollar portfolios / digital wallets to see actual performance and changes in real time.  See first-hand how he is investing and learn his winning strategies for choosing coins and tokens from their ICO to market entry (many times starting at pennies each). 
The Hodler Newsletter created to cut through all the noise in the crypto world so you know what's actually real, true, and important. Mark Rees, respected researcher/analyst, recaps the latest key developments as well as the most significant trends to prepare you for the future.  
Membership Eligibility Requirements 
As a member of the advanced Watch My Wallets group, it is expected that you meet ALL of the following criteria.  By joining our group, you agree to and acknowledge that you understand and meet each and every item on this eligibility requirement checklist.  
  •  Can explain the difference between a distributed ledger and a blockchain.
  •  Understand what permissionless and permissioned blockchains are.
  •  Know the difference between “proof of work” and “proof of stake”.
  •  Have an active Coinbase/Gemni account PLUS open accounts on three other digital asset exchanges.
  •  Own a hard wallet and can store ERC-20 tokens on it.
  •  Comfortable moving digital assets between exchanges and wallets.
  •  Personally own at least three digital assets not found on Coinbase.
  •  Have done an in-depth review of at least one ICO or token on
  •  Understand the concept of dollar cost averaging.
  •  Have a minimum of $2,000 to invest in the markets without worry.  (Disclaimer: Never invest more than you can afford to lose.)
  •  Agree to stop yourself from giving into panic selling and a fear-of-missing-out mindset.
  •  Have an account with (or will get one within 30 days).
  •  Can list at least five different kinds of scams that are common in crypto and know how to avoid them.
  •  Know at least five common mistakes crypto newbies make and how to address each one responsibly.
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