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Why You Really Need This...
The crypto world is complex and technical; and things are happening and changing fast.  Its a lot to make sense of and keep track of.  And a lot of people have made costly mistakes because they didn't really understand this new ecosystem.  But you don't have to go it alone.  Join the Blockchain Lead Hodler's Group!  

You'll be part of a supportive peer network led by trusted experts in the field. We’ll help you navigate the complex crypto world more confidently and safely. Rest assured, this is moderated community free from scammers and bad advice, so you won't get swindled by the latest crypto "guru" or get-rich-quick scheme.   

We created the Holder group with you in mind. As a member, you'll boost your understanding, experience, and success with cryptocurrencies.   Plus, we'll help you keep all the crypto world information in perspective so you can see the forest for the trees and know what's actually important and legit. 
Is This Right For You?
In order to fully benefit from this group, it's highly recommended that members already know how to use a digital asset hard wallet and have a Coinbase account.   If you do not already have these set up, we recommend taking our introductory Crypto Crash Course first.  It's perfect for beginners!

And if you are already ready for advanced-level strategies, we invite you to check our Watch My Wallets Group.
Here's What You'll Get...
 Private Members Area with exclusive access to resources, trainings, support, bonus fun stuff, and more to keep you informed, connected, and better your chances of experiencing crypto success! 
 Access to our Hodlers Private Online Community - a supportive community focused on learning, sharing, and being empowered.  The expert leaders and dedicated members of our group help each other and keep each other informed so you don't blindly act with your money and so we all increase our opportunities for achieving our own financial goals.  
 Live weekly online group sessions to get your questions answered as well as additional support, professional insights, and that latest information from crypto tech and financial expert and trainer James Leyba.  When you’re new to the complex, technical world of cryptocurrencies, it can be a lot to wrap your head around.  We'll help you understand what you need to know!  
 The Hodler Newsletter created to cut through all the noise in the crypto world so you know what's actually real, true, and important. Mark Rees, respected researcher/analyst and Accredited Cryptocurrency Investor, recaps the latest key developments as well as the most significant trends to prepare you for the future.  
 The truth about the TOP cryptocurrencies to own PLUS a live look at a high-performing beginner's portfolio / digital wallet started by cypto multi-millionaire Mark Rees with just $500 that's perfect for someone who's just starting out and wants their investment to perform well but also remain as safe as possible. 
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