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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay.  Blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the world. 
It's time to get in the game! 
Take control of YOUR money, security, and future. 
Yes, I want to know more!
Want to learn more about how to get started or how to get to the next level? 

 Start Today! We've trained thousands of people just like you on the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency investing.
Be Educated and Empowered 
Blockchain Lead LLC is on a mission to educate the community about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technologies so that everyone can be empowered to leverage it in a positive way. 
We have become a trusted resource for those new to the world of crypto, seasoned experts, large investors, and business leaders as well as anyone looking to better understand how to make the most of this exciting technology.
Blockchain Lead LLC was founded by crypto experts Mark Rees and James Leyba.  Both have been researching and investing in blockchain technologies for years (and, yes, have made millions).  Mark is an Accredited Cryptocurrency Investor, reputable technology researcher and digital asset analyst, and distinguished writer for Bitcoin Magazine (one of his articles is even on display at the Smithsonian Institute).  James is a blockchain advocate and crypto educator who started out as a Securities Manager and Bitcoin researcher at Goldman Sachs - a leading global investment management firm.  
Blockchain Lead Meeting
It's your money, your security, your future. 
"You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s.” 
– Blythe Masters, Former Head of Global Commodities for JP Morgan and current CEO of
Crytpo Crash Course
Crytpo Crash Course
New to the Crypto World?
Crypto Crash Course
LEVEL: Beginner

Are you wanting to get started with cryptocurrencies? This introductory course is perfect for those new to the world of crypto as well as anyone looking to better understand this exciting technology. 

Learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in simple terms that everyone can understand; find out the Top 5 Newbie Mistakes and Top 5 Scams to Avoid; walk through step-by-step setting up your accounts and buying your first cryptocurrency; and learn how to keep your crypto coins secure and have total control over your own money.
The Hodler
Boost Your Crypto Success!
Boost Your Crypto Success!
The Hodler Group Membership
LEVEL: Intermediate

Boost your understanding, experience, and success with crypto! As a Hodler group member, you'll be part of a supportive peer network led by trusted experts. Plus, have exclusive access to resources, trainings, support, and more.

We'll help you navigate the complex crypto world more confidently and safely so you avoid the costly mistakes others have made because they didn't really understand this new ecosystem. This is a moderated community free from scammers and bad advice, so you won't get swindled by the latest "guru" or get-rich-quick scheme.  
The Hodler
Watch My Wallets
Watch My Wallets
Serious about Crypto Investing?
Watch My Wallets Group Membership
LEVEL: Advanced

Are you serious about investing in crypto? Our advanced group can skyrocket your savvy, skill, and success at identifying, evaluating, and investing in winning cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The Watch My Wallets experienced crypto community offers high-level expertise, engages in lively discussions, and shares research findings and investment strategies - all vetted and verified. The expert leaders and experienced members keep each other in-the-know so you don't act blindly with your money. 
CCC Token
Get the CCC Token!
Get the CCC Token!
Crypto Crash Course (CCC) Token
ERC20 Token

The Crypto Crash Course (CCC) Token is an ERC20 Token that is awarded to students on completion of a Blockchain Lead Educational Course. Its our way of saying “Congratulations” to our students! The tokens may be traded with other students and can be used to purchase other Blockchain Lead course offerings. Disclaimer: These tokens have no cash value. 
CCC Token
Stay Connected and Informed
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 It should not be construed as financial advice; always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
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