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Blockchain Lead is a trusted resource for those new to the world of cryptocurrencies, seasoned experts, and large investors as well as anyone looking to understand better how to make the most of this exciting technology.
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Blockchain Lead was founded to educate, inform, and guide the community about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technologies so that everyone can be empowered to leverage it in a positive way. 
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“The blockchain class by Mark Rees was fantastic. It was very educational and really opened my eyes.” – Doug Hales
“This class is amazing! His class is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Bitcoin. I highly recommend his course!” – Matt Misbach
“Mark Rees is an excellent instructor. He took the complicated subject of blockchain technology and presented it in an engaging and easy to understand way.” – W.R. 
“Great workshop, Great instructor! The amount of work and research put into the development of the course was apparent....” – Barak Lemon
“Mark Rees presents a great blockchain class. His knowledge of blockchain technology is tremendous, yet his teaching style is understood by all.” – Marty Greenlief
“James' presentation on problems for new users answered many questions. He's like a Crypto Prophet!” – Larry H.
“Excellent start down the blockchain rabbit hole. We now know enough be blockchain dangerous. Great Job!” – Bob Angel
“Mark has a talent in presenting and engaging the audience, with his technical computer background and unique ability to take complex technical concepts and explain them in a way that was easy for everyone understand.” – Doug C.
“James is smart, kind, hardworking, and thoughtful of others. He is going to make a big difference on Blockchain projects.” – Wright T.
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“You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s,” 

– Blythe Masters, Former Head of Global Commodities for JP Morgan and current CEO of
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